Seeds of Hope mentors, trains and employs a group of special young men (partners) who choose to learn and work together as a team to pursue personal and professional goals. Our focus is centered on life- and work-skills training, social/relational growth and spiritual development. Together, we strive to love our neighbors, share what God has given us, and be co-laborers and peacemakers in our community and our world.

The Seeds of Hope program features three areas of emphasis:

  1. Vocational Training and Employment: We provide individualized training and help partners develop skills in pre-fab assembly, micro-farming, and workplace etiquette. The importance of teamwork is emphasized, and we target 32-36 hours of hands-on experience per week (adjusting work hours as appropriate to accommodate individual needs). Giving back to the community through our Greater Good mission is an integral part of our program. Service projects offer partners the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world by serving, encouraging and uplifting others.

  2. Social/Relational Growth and Life Skills Development: Our program focuses heavily on relationship-building and personal responsibility. We work together to strengthen communication and develop conflict-resolution skills. Our goals include self-awareness, respectfulness, mutual understanding, and appropriate responsiveness. We teach partners to identify feelings (self and others) and strive for forgiveness and reconciliation when conflicts arise. In addition, life skills workshops provide in-depth instruction on healthy relationships, nutrition and fitness, money management, health and hygiene, Christian service and giving, grocery shopping and food preparation, time management and weekly planning, basic first aid, social and online etiquette, and civic responsibility. Also, each partner will create a personal growth plan with tangible goals that will be reviewed monthly with a mentor.

  3. Mentorship and Spiritual Development: Our goal is for each partner to better understand who God is, identify the spiritual gifts and individual talents they possess, and learn how to pursue their God-given mission and reach their full potential. Each partner will be matched with a mentor who will provide additional support, guidance, prayer and friendship. SOH workdays begin with a scripture reading and prayer. Monthly Dinner & Devo Nights give partners an opportunity to spend time together in a social setting, explore the Bible (specifically the teachings of Jesus), engage in group discussion, and share personal experiences.